Sunday, August 23, 2015

People are reading my blog!

Well, a few anyway.

Thank you to my first commenter!  It is so very nice to be compared to a person of the past who was "beloved". That is an important compliment that I take as an honor. I will do all I can, while still being completely myself, to live up to that compliment.

Our school is all about kids. Small schools like ours can eschew some of the bureaucracy
that actually hampers the mission of public education: to provide the best possible education to all students at all times.  I have the opportunity to work deeply with the budget, school board trustees and get into the classrooms….all on the same day! As I write this, I must harken back to the superintendent who had a strong impact on me: Dr. Jim Franco. One might think that as the head of a large school district, he would not have had the time to visit schools, let alone classrooms. However, Dr. Franco regularly visited schools and classrooms. He was a superintendent in one school district for a lengthy twelve years. Typically, we superintendents seem to move around a lot, on average, every 2.5 years. Modeling my own superintendency after the very successful Dr. Franco, and channeling a "beloved" past superintendent / principal, I have a strong hope and desire of being with my school community for a long time. Hey! I'm just getting started. We're just getting started! A fabulous little school with a fabulous little team with big ideas.

It isn't just the school team that makes a school, but also the parents and the community. Our school is fortunate to be able to count on  the support from both.

We finished our first full week of school last week and many of us, especially the over forty crew, were rather tired by Friday. We'll be back tomorrow, though, as full of energy as our charges and ready to touch hears and minds, every minute, every day.

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