Sunday, October 4, 2015

Doing What Needs to Be Done

The past month has been very busy in my small part of the world. Our 3-4th grade students participated in a special celebration for finishing Little House in the Big Woods, by Laura Ingalls Wilder, our Kindergarten through second grade students went on a field trip to visit an almond orchard, something important and prevalent in our area. We've also begun sporting events with other small schools where all the children in 5th- 8th grade participate on the teams. Our sixth graders went off to camp, er excuse me, Outdoor Education, this week.

There is so much involved in all these activities including hours of organization time and parent participation. We have no buses so our children get to sporting events and field trips with parent drivers and dedicated staff. I have been so impressed with the willingness of our families to step in and help out. One event stands out for me, and that was the morning the sixth graders left for science camp.

One of two local eateries is operated by parents in the district. It made sense then for the sixth graders and their parents to meet at this local establishment at 8:00 am and have breakfast before the children loaded onto the buses (which were provided by the camp) for Outdoor Education. Eager children and parents arrived, ready to have a hot breakfast while waiting. There was a snag though: the restaurant recently changed hours and did not open until 9:00 am. The buses were to arrive at 9:15 and the children to be loaded onto the buses and ready to go at 9:45! Time was of the essence!

What happened was truly a reflection of the willingness of individuals in this community to jump in, solve problems and do what needs to be done. Our parent owner quickly and efficiently took the orders of the waiting parents and children. In lightning speed all the orders had been processed and other parents, waiting with their children started getting the drinks from behind the counter and serving the children. They did not wait for the restaurant staff; they simply stepped up and helped out. One of my students, following her mother's example, likewise began to get the drinks and help serve the other students.  The parents continued to bring out orders until all the children had been served. Without their help the children would not have been able to board the bus on time, with their breakfasts eaten. These parents modeled the willingness to give help without being asked, when help is needed. What an important lesson these parents imparted on their children.

In such a small community, we all must do what needs to be done regardless of title, or job description. I see so many small and large evidences of this "can do and will do" attitude on a daily basis. My students, the teachers, the other staff. No one's job description at this site calls for helping in the potty, but that's what was done because that was what was necessary. No one's job description includes coaching or referring at sporting events, but that's what the teachers do. We all just do what needs to be done.

A team works, when everyone is willing to give of themselves for the greater good of the team. I have been blessed with the opportunity to be part of a team where "many hands make light work". Go Team Bobcats!!!