Thursday, July 30, 2015

I've Done It!

That title could certainly apply to many things in my life lately, like becoming a school superintendent. It's not something I expected ever to happen but when I consider the beautiful view from my school, the hills in the background, the trees, the softly bleating kids (baby goats that is) and adult goats in the morning, I thank my lucky stars and count my blessings.  My truth: blessings come in many surprising forms when one leasts expects them.

The title could apply to blogging. I've done it! I've created a blog that well, who knows who will actually read it, or if it will bless anything, but if I can shed light on my beautiful school and the community it serves and gain a few more students in the bargain the blog will be well worth it. Aside from that perhaps I can at last make some use of my BA in English! Who knew?

I adventure off towards the first day of school, carrying all the concerns of superintendents everywhere: will there be enough funding; does the plumbing work in our schools; how about those text book adoptions; are we serving our students? That last rings strongly for me. I am a service leader. For perhaps the first time in many years, I truly am "here for the kids", and here for the community, a lovely, river fed, sun kissed community where the school is a focal point. I'm so blessed by dedicated teachers, support staff and parents I often feel as if I am living a dream. I guess I must be, one where horses neigh in the distance, goats bleat and zebras….squeak. Yep, zebras. It's gotta be a dream, but I'm not going to pinch myself. I'll stay right here.

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